Describing Pain in BDSM Erotica, by Xan West (link to post)

For an outstanding post by Xan West on a topic near and dear to my kinky heart, visit The Erotica Readers & Writers Association Blog and see Describing Pain in BDSM Erotica.



How much realism *should* be part of BDSM erotica? (by Xan West)

In preparation for Xan West’s blog tour, which starts today (see previous post), I did some reading on Xan’s blog. Xan does an excellent job of explaining something I’ve thought about many times and posted about rarely. I recently touched on the subject on PD Singer’s blog.

Source: How much realism *should* be part of BDSM erotica?

Queer Kink Praxis (by Xan West)

The first part of Xan West’s post explains much of why Xan is one of my favorite authors. The appeal of specific of erotic themes — of which there are many — is secondary.

Xan will post here on Oct 6. There’s a complete schedule at the end.

Run, don’t walk, to Queer Kink Praxis