“Say Please” Dirty Queer Sex Virtual Book Tour: “Coming of Age”

If you’ve read “Say Please: Lesbian BDSM” or followed the virtual tour, I don’t have to tell you about the impressive quality and variety of the stories.  While enough can’t be said about this outstanding collection, I’m skipping that in favor of a more personal angle. Other writers tell me readers are curious about story origins. I hope that’s true.

As owner of at least 30 titles from Cleis Press, the thrill of “Coming of Age” being my first publication was secondary to the fact that it would join the row of Cleis books on my shelf.  As an extra bonus, the title refers to my default safeword, “please”.

It’s a story about young, inexperienced Chloe having her first play session with Mistress Lynn and her sub Brandi. Chloe’s just turned 18. The realities of obedience and submission, particularly as defined by Mistress Lynn, turn out to bear little resemblance to what she expected.  The main theme – at least in my mind – is the D/s, not the physical games they played, although Chloe eventually gets her birthday spanking and more.

I drew upon feelings from my first BDSM experience, which involved my visit with “Mistress Lynn” and “Brandi.  The play activities were entirely different. Two decades later, I’m no longer Chloe, but I still have clear and powerful memories of the first meeting and the correspondence just prior to it.  Even though I bottom much more than I top, writing it from the dominant perspective felt right. I’m not “Lynn”, but she taught me most of what I know about submission. I’ve also cultivated my dominant side over the years.

“Coming of Age” was originally part of the third story in the “Chloe trilogy”. I’d like to publish the others, so here I’ll be vague about the content. For the first part, a friend’s comment prompted a story about Chloe’s punishment caning. It’s still one of my favorite masturbation fantasies. I presented the story to my friend as a gift and planned to end things there, but when she mentioned an upcoming shopping trip, my muse poked me again.

In the second story, two friends take Chloe shopping to brighten her mood after her ordeal. Dressing room antics continue in the bedroom, starting with the trio modeling their new outfits and ending with a pile of naked, sated bodies. After some reflection on the arousing aspects of an otherwise unpleasant punishment (as well as reluctantly letting the friends see her marks), Chloe admits her submissive desires and ends up with an invitation to a BDSM club. The unpublished tale of the club visit on her birthday was three times the length of CoA.

I hadn’t found a publisher when I stumbled upon Sinclair Sexsmith’s call for submissions. Faced with the shorter length requirement, I initially resisted being unable to share the whole story. I considered writing something else, but the personal connections were too important to me.  I moved the session to a more intimate venue and did some other tweaking for the anthology. Now, I’m looking forward to polishing the rest.

You can read an excerpt here.

Get the book details and buy it from Amazon or directly from Cleis Press.

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