I Visit PD Singer’s Blog

I was delighted to be a guest blogger at PD Singer’s site this morning, discussing something we have in common. She’s the only non-kinky author to have her own category on my Kindle. I read her short story On Call: Crossroads a while back [some reviews here] and several days ago picked up the full series. Crossroads is the last installment. Nothing kinky, but plenty of intelligence and more than one kind of warm fuzzies.

On Call: The Collection

The new doctor in town, Keith Hoyer has to relinquish care of his new patient, veterinarian Dante James, to privately treat their mutual cases of incurable attraction and terminal romance, complicated with relapsing lust.

Their backgrounds are different, their practices accidentally overlap, and their pasts have some hidden traps to negotiate. A fat, injured tabby cat, a truth-extracting, wounded dog, and a teen with a heartbreaking secret need Keith and Dante’s help. Every patient, furry or human, brings them a little closer together.

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LAST CHANCE (for now): Make Mine to Go is 20% off for another day.  Blurb, excerpt, and reviews here, or visit the publisher’s site.

My first novelette!

My blog followers might have noticed I have a thing about firsts. You know, the losing virginity thing.  Earlier today, I signed a contract with Breathless Press to publish my first stand-alone work, a novelette or novella, depending on your definition and the finished length.  Either way, it’s between a short story and a novel in length and long enough to get one of BP’s beautiful covers.

As for content, all I’ll say now is that it’s M/M (with a bit of M/M/M) and BDSM-flavored.  It started out as my only vanilla story, but since the main characters are into BDSM, some of the sex ended up rather kinky. It’s about how a married male couple deals with including outside sex partners.

Ad-Dick-tion page is up at Breathless Press

UPDATE – MAY 7 2015 – The publisher has gone out of business and returned my rights to the story. I hope to publish it elsewhere.


Breathless Press releases Ad-Dick-tion Volume 2 on May 4.  Read excerpts from all the stories and pre-order here.  See my fiction page for more on my story, “Now You Know”.

Ad-dick-tion Contract Signed

One of my short stories will appear in an anthology to be released by Breathless Press in May 2012.  Ad-dick-tion Volume 2 is a collection of m/m erotica with no common theme other than a rating of at least four on the five-point “heat” scale.  My contribution is based on “The Name Game”  – see fiction link.

For current m/m offerings at Breathless Press, visit http://www.breathlesspress.com/Line/Adonis

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