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I was delighted to be a guest blogger at PD Singer’s site this morning, discussing something we have in common. She’s the only non-kinky author to have her own category on my Kindle. I read her short story On Call: Crossroads a while back [some reviews here] and several days ago picked up the full series. Crossroads is the last installment. Nothing kinky, but plenty of intelligence and more than one kind of warm fuzzies.

On Call: The Collection

The new doctor in town, Keith Hoyer has to relinquish care of his new patient, veterinarian Dante James, to privately treat their mutual cases of incurable attraction and terminal romance, complicated with relapsing lust.

Their backgrounds are different, their practices accidentally overlap, and their pasts have some hidden traps to negotiate. A fat, injured tabby cat, a truth-extracting, wounded dog, and a teen with a heartbreaking secret need Keith and Dante’s help. Every patient, furry or human, brings them a little closer together.

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LAST CHANCE (for now): Make Mine to Go is 20% off for another day.  Blurb, excerpt, and reviews here, or visit the publisher’s site.

LGBT Pride Month

For my small contribution to Pride Month, I offer you something about the origins. From A Brief Trip Thru Bisexual NYC’s History:

[1969-70]  Bisexual activist and a stalwart at the Gay Activists Alliance (GAA) Brenda Howard coordinated the rally to commemorate the 1-month anniversary of the Stonewall Rebellion and then creates the rally and march that celebrate the 1-year anniversary. This became the annual New York City Pride March which spawned marches around the world.

Brenda also originates the idea for a week-long series of events around Pride Day, called Pride Week.

As I heard it, she also came up with the idea to include a S/M-Leather-Fetish Contingent in the 1987 March on Washington for Lesbian and Gay Rights.  Events surrounding the March spawned the phrase “Safe Sane Consensual”. This page explains more about SSC origins.

Brenda’s physical presence left us in 2005 on June 28, Pride Day, but her influence lives on. Read about the Brenda Howard Memorial Award here, where you’ll find more links.

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