My distraction is your gain – two new links

Editing a manuscript has kept me busy for the last few weeks. I’m almost finished, but the last few difficult bits had me searching online for ideas. Once I found a useful page, I checked out the other links, of course. My distraction is your gain. At The Pervocracy, “Anatomy of a Scene” inspired my thinking about a flogging scene I was editing. The link takes you to the “Notable Posts” page, which includes that one.

The other link isn’t directly related to my story. A friend asked me to explain “queerness”, leaving me at a loss for the right words. “What Queerness Means To Me” (wasn’t that easy?) did an excellent job of covering much of what I wanted say, and more. The Tranarchism blog has a variety of neatly organized posts under headings of Queer, Feminism, Kink, and others, particularly Trans issues, not a personal concern of mine, but relevant in a more general sense.

Don’t let me forget to tell you about Morgan Hawke’s Erotic Thesaurus and Non-Verbal Thesaurus.