Never Say Never — Defined

nsn-0838 excerptDefinition 1: My guiding principle for most matters of sex and sexuality. I’ve been wrong more than a few times when I’ve thought I’d never do or be something.

Definition 2: A generally useful principle that doesn’t apply to some forms of BDSM play. There are many things that shouldn’t be tried, for safety and other reasons. Go quickly in the opposite direction if you encounter a “no limits” player.

Definition 3: Theme song of the movie, The Karate Kid (2010 version), performed by Justin Bieber. I stumbled upon this when searching for something else.

And, most importantly,

Definition 4: The title of Alison Tyler’s new book. The subtitle, Tips, Tricks, and Erotic Inspiration for Lovers, and the book’s awesomeness distinguishes it from other books with the title.

The publisher, Cleis Press, says: it’s a blissful blend of Tyler’s wisdom, expert advice and scintillating erotic scenarios guaranteed to liven up your bedroom. Finding the true object of your lust is only the beginning. The sizzling stories and helpful tips in Never Say Never will help you discover exactly what sets your pulse racing for a lifetime of satisfying sex.

It’s your erotic one-stop shopping: for each technique, toy and theme, Never Say Never offers advice, ideas, illustrative snippets from erotica authors, and a short work of erotic fiction — contributions from over forty authors! Snippets from my erotica appear in the chapters for blindfolds and ménage. While BDSM is well-represented, the book includes vanilla (sort of) and other flavors.

As some of my readers know, I love creating erotic scenarios with my toy action figures and stuffed animals. My models were especially excited about shooting the enactment of Never Say Never. This photo first appeared on Alison Tyler’s blog, where she had some extremely nice things to say about my “cleverosity”. Thanks, Alison!

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A Willful Sub, by Alison Tyler

I’m delighted to have Alison Tyler here again, this time to promote The Delicious Torment, the sequel to Dark Secret Love: A Story of Submission. I can’t say enough good things about these books. Really. I don’t like writing reviews. Other bloggers on this blog tour have detailed the fabulousness of these books, Alison, and her work in general, so please read some of those posts if you haven’t yet.delicious_torment260x420

Maybe that’s cheating, so here are a few of my own thoughts. In BDSM-themed fiction, it’s the dominance and submission that matter most to me. I prefer realism over fantasy, substance over theatrics, and complexity where possible. The Delicious Torment does all of this (and more) with some of my favorite elements: a relationship involving more than two people, switching, and a D/s style I can relate to. All of this is packaged in a superbly written, highly erotic story I couldn’t put down. While I’m more likely to be called “strong-willed” than “willful”, I can identify with Samantha.

Before I turn things over to Alison, I’ll share what my kinky dolls did to illustrate the book.delicious_torment_04r

A Willful Sub

By Alison Tyler

I’m a stubborn little mule. I’m hot headed (thanks to the Hungarian bloodline, I’ve been told). I will never behave. I can’t not ask questions. There’s always a fight in me.

So I was relieved to discover that not all Doms want an easy sub. In fact, some Doms crave a high-spirited partner. One who opens her mouth, not only for the ball gag. One who pushes back, not only against a cock. Samantha, in The Delicious Torment, has a rebellious streak, as well:

Shamefully, I grabbed the paddle and headed down the hall to Alex, wishing I’d worn something other than the white-tiered skirt and form-fitting white tee. Wishing I didn’t feel like such an ingénue, an idiot novice, as I waited for Alex to hang up the phone.

            “You could have simply said ‘yes’ when I arrived,” Alex told me, snidely, emerging to slide the paddle from my grip. “You could have avoided this—” he paused, “this little unpleasantness.” I’d left off cruel when describing him previously. Young, blond, and cruel. Trembling, I prepared myself.

            Alex settled himself on the sofa, taking his time to get comfortable. He was like a baby Dom in training from Jack. But he was good. I’ll give him that. He enjoyed every fucking moment. I waited, rocking on my shoes, those insane white espadrilles that I never should have worn. They always brought me trouble.

            “You know the position,” he said, his voice soft, now, almost crooning.

            I nodded. I would not call him Sir.

            “Then why am I waiting?”

            I hurried to his side, and then over his lap, and I promised myself not to do something like this in the future. And yet a tiny voice whispered in my head. If I hadn’t double-checked. If I hadn’t called, wouldn’t the same thing have happened to me later, over Jack’s lap? It was a no-win situation, as usual for me. But as Alex pulled my skirt to my hips, as his fingertips worked my panties down my thighs, I realized that as always, even when I lost, I won.

What I’ve learned over the years is that BDSM relationships come in as many styles as vanilla ones. There is no one right way. There is no perfect model. Each relationship is as unique as the partners involved. Each dynamic is as unusual as the lovers choose to make it.

Yes, some Doms might kick me out of the club the first time I opened my mouth. But I have managed to find the ones who appreciate an active sub. A wise-ass filly who craves a firm hand on the reins.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Alison Tyler is the author of Dark Secret Love, The Delicious Torment, and Wrapped Around Your Finger (all published by Cleis Press). Visit her at and follow her at for more info about her writing, her caffeine addiction, and her affair with a new bottle of perfume.

Alison Tyler’s Dark Secret Love

I’m extremely fortunate to have as my guest the woman known as the mistress of literary erotica, the ever-exciting Alison Tyler. This post is part of her blog tour; there’s something special every day in October, and prizes! Rather than trying to tell you what there is to love about her book Dark Secret Love: A Story of Submission, I’m turning the post over to Alison.

Guest post by Alison Tyler


On the night of our first date, as we walked through the darkness near my house, he stopped and pressed me up against the side of a parked car. “What’s your secret fantasy?” he murmured, so soft against my skin. “You can tell me, baby. You can tell me anything.”

I’m a voyeur’s voyeur. (I think this means I like to watch people watch people.) What I’m trying to say is that I always want to know other people’s turn-ons. Into balloon sex? Let me surround you in colorful orbs. Addicted to rubber? Sit at my side while I stretch out every word. Crush on a girl in head-to-toe leather? I’ll whisper a story of skin on skin on skin.

Fetishes fascinate me. But knowing the key that unlocks someone’s kink—that’s what really floats my fantasies. I can find a path into a character’s thoughts once I know his or her secret desire. All the rest comes easily.

Writing Dark Secret Love was different. Rather than fall into someone else’s world, I exposed my own. No, it won’t come as a shock to any reader that I appreciate BDSM. I’ve been editing anthologies on the subject for decades now. But this was an unusual situation. Rather than give a sliver—as I often do—I did the reverse. I exposed as much of myself as I possibly could.

And I turned the reader into the voyeur:

Jack was magic. The clips were off with a wave of his fingers, and suddenly he had a flogger in his hand. With a gentle swing, he landed the first blow, softly, between my thighs. Then harder, and harder, gradually building in intensity. In pressure.In pain.

            “And the whole time, you’ve had these warring emotions within you,” Jack said, not asking. “You’ve been looking for what you need, and you’ve been telling yourself simultaneously that you don’t need it at all.”

            I turned my head to the side, embarrassed at the fact that my hips had raised up to meet the flogger, that my body responded so automatically to the combination of pleasure and pain.

            “Is that so?”

            “Yes, Sir.”

            “But what’s the truth, Samantha. What’s the real truth?”

            “Nothing else works,” I told him, somehow knowing now what he wanted to hear. “I can’t… I don’t… It has to be like this…”

            Jack nodded. ”And I’m going to make you say that over and over until it sinks in. Until you finally get it.” The whipping picked up again, those little strands of suede, of leather landing on my pussy lips, and between them, meeting wetness, meeting swollen skin. Jack was punishing me for failing him, but was confusing me with the pleasure it brought. He was giving me a reward after all.

            “Tell me what you need, Samantha. Tell me what you know you deserve.”

            I am such an accepting person when it comes to what other people want. Their fetishes.Their desires. And yet, when I turn inward, when I question myself, the shame covers me like deep water. It holds me down.

            Tears streaked my cheeks now. And not from the flogger. I stared at Jack, and I saw him watching me intently, waiting for me to answer.


            “You have to make it hurt,” I said, my voice low. “I don’t feel it otherwise. I can’t feel it—“ Was that clear enough? Would he accept the answer?


Dark Secret Love is out now from Cleis Press. The Delicious Torment (the sequel) will be published in January. Alison is now working on the third installment in the series. Visit for more views into her window.

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From the publisher, Cleis Press:

Dark Secret Love is a modern-day Story of O, a 9 1/2 Weeks-style journey fueled by lust, longing and the search for true love. Inspired by her BDSM lifestyle and based on her private diaries, Tyler draws on her twenty-five years’ experience penning sultry stories to create a scorchingly hot work of autobiographical fiction, a meta-novel with reality at the core.

Take a deep breath and get your safe word handy. Alison Tyler will push your boundaries to their limits—and have you begging for more.