Most of what I’d call “resources” can be found in the links I’ve posted in the sidebars. I’ve divided the links into active blogs and sites that are relatively static resource pages. For now, I have a few items for this page and remain, as always, interested in your suggestions.


Nine Degrees of Submission  by Diane Vera  (opens in a new page)

Writing about BDSM – authors’ observations 

Subspace – a topic of special interest

BDSM vs. Abuse

This link takes you to a list of posts at Fetish Alliance. The collection includes several excellent pamphlets from the National Leather Association.  I also liked Sinsational’s two-part piece. I’ve included other valuable posts in the right sidebar and will eventually re-organize the links by topic.

Domestic Discipline

Most of what I do with BDSM, in real life and fiction, is the D/s part, and my home life loosely falls under the Domestic Discipline category. For reasons I won’t explain now, I rarely read blogs on that topic, but a link on e[lust] that I found through The Domme Chronicles took me to Jolynn Raymond’s BDSM and Domestic Discipline Archive. While not huge, it’s an impressive collection. Some DD items have been moved to a book available for purchase, and some are about BDSM in general (negotiation, toys, aftercare, etc.), but several posts on Domestic Discipline remain.


As a start, here’s a link to Lolita Wolf’s recommendations.  She included many of the books on my shelf. One very popular book I didn’t see in her non-fiction section is Screw the Roses, Send Me the Thorns, by Phillip Miller and Molly Devon.

The BDSM group on Goodreads has numerous educational pages and lists of books by theme, including non-fiction recommendations. You’ll have to join to view the posts.

*NEW*  The Domme Chronicles blog has an annotated list worth checking out.


I’ve seen a few and like something about each of them. While you might not want to have your partner complete one of these, they’re a great way to get you thinking about your interests.

These two are basically the same, a 6-page alphabetical list of activities. There are other posts of interest on these sites, so I’ll give you both.

The BDSM Circle   in the page itself

Try it ’til you like it   links to a PDF

I’m still looking for the other links I had.


My page on large collections of articles is a bit outdated, but you might find something of interest.  —  New collection added August 2020!

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  1. Nine Degrees of Submission – Dilo Keith: Erotic Dominance and Submission Says:

    […] started a new Resources page today and am delighted to have permission to post Diane Vera’s “Nine Degrees of […]

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