Make Mine to Go

Make Mine to Go, my first stand-alone ebook, is an erotic story about a male couple seeking a mutually satisfying solution to one partner’s sexual desires. (Trust me, it’s more exciting than that sounds. See the official blurb below for something hotter.)  Breathless Press is no longer in business, and while I have my rights to the story, I do not own the sexy cover.


One key to the success of Justin and Toby’s marriage is plenty of sexual variety, sometimes with other men they meet at the local BDSM club.  While Toby assumes the submissive role in their power exchanges, it’s more often Justin who generously caters to Toby’s erotic appetites. Toby’s interest in flirting with a salesman should be trivial in comparison to his other desires. Instead, it sends both men down uncomfortable paths.

Toby manages to assure Justin that it was harmless fun, or so it seems at first.  More troubling than Justin being unconvinced is that Toby doesn’t entirely believe his own story.  When Toby finally figures out he wants something only another man can give him, he knows it won’t be easy to tell Justin. More importantly, is realizing a fantasy– even an exceptionally compelling one — worth the risk?


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I’d say it’s erotica, not romance, but it probably falls in between. There’s quite a lot of sex and BDSM play, ranging from sweet, sensual games to rough domination. Unlike my other writing, this story is not about the BDSM dynamics of the relationship; in fact, I called this “my vanilla story” before I decided to add the kinky scenes.


Scroll past the video to read an excerpt (sexually explicit). If you want to hear an excerpt, click on the video or here.  It’s a longer portion of the same scene. The link goes to YouTube and will probably play automatically, so check your speakers. The video is part of the Goodreads BDSM group “Bedtime Stories” series.The audio excerpt is a reading of the first several pages, about 2400 words.

More BDSM Bedtime Stories (from other authors) here.


They joined my wrists behind me with a simple clip. Bound, blindfolded, and kneeling, I awaited my next orders. They whispered to each other. The bed dipped, and I could tell by the sound of a zipper Paul went for his toy bag on the floor. Justin was doing something too. My desire to know warred with the thrill of erotic darkness.

“Suck me,” Justin said.

If he expected me to remove his jock without my hands, it wouldn’t be quick. I hoped he remembered I felt foolish the last time we tried that. Thankfully, he’d just done it himself. I lapped at the trickle of pre-cum I found on his magnificent cock. Apparently uninterested in my reverent attitude, Justin pulled me down, leaving me with my face in his pubes as my main support, his cock nearly gagging me at first.

Justin lifted my head with fingers tangled in my hair. That’s always a turn-on, so I keep it long enough to allow a good handful. “Having a little trouble, Toby?”

“Just enough, sir.”

“Slut.” He pulled me back down and kept his hands on my neck, more for symbolism than instruction.

Paul smacked my upturned ass, slowly at first. It warmed and tingled under his masterful care. At some point he switched from bare hands to a fingerless glove that had studs or something, but not sharp like vampire gloves. The combined sensations of leather, studs, and bare fingers made it difficult to focus on Justin’s cock. That divine balance of pleasure and pain could transport me to subspace if I weren’t trying to do a decent job. Despite my best efforts, I lost my rhythm a few times.

“Pay attention, boy. You’ve gotta work for it,” Justin said with his typical “amused Dom” tone, the friendly taunt that showed he got off on my predicament.

Meanwhile, in contrast to the delight of the sensuous spanking, my unattended boner was threatening to become painful. I probed the surrounding space, not expecting to find relief, but I had to try.

“And no coming without permission,” Paul reminded me. He gave me a few hard swats.

Despite these distractions, I soon had Justin moaning and grasping my hair. I anticipated my creamy reward for a blowjob well done.

~ ~ ~

News: Alison Tyler included two short excerpts in her book Never Say Never: Tips, Tricks, and Erotic Inspiration for Lovers. (Amazon link)

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