“Coming of Age” Excerpt

Right on time, the doorbell rang. I told my collared sub Brandi to remain kneeling while I answered it myself. Chloe was more fetching than I remembered from our first meeting. She was short, blonde and curvy, my preferred body type. Not that her shape mattered much, since it was her obedience I sought, but there was no reason I couldn’t have it all. The fact that this would be her second time playing – the first with me – could have been daunting for either of us, but she had studied numerous written resources and seemed to have an excellent grasp of the basics. Chloe’s first time hadn’t amounted to much, according to her; now she wanted the “real thing.” She had given me reason to believe I wouldn’t have to take baby steps with her and I intended to make her eighteenth birthday memorable. Technically, we were a week late, a triviality to me, but a source of frustration for a budding slut eager to make her debut.

I had told her to wear something sexy, but street legal, with proper undergarments; luscious breasts like hers should be supported and tastefully framed. They were more than a handful, but not out of proportion for her body. The absence of my favorite color in her monochromatic outfit – a black velvet skirt, stockings, high-heeled pumps, and a clingy, low-cut T-shirt peeking out from behind her leather jacket – was disappointing. I had made sure she knew how much I liked blue, particularly a rich hue, like sapphire.

She noticed my lukewarm assessment and took a deep breath before hesitantly asking, “Am I dressed okay?”

“Move the coat.”

She spread her leather jacket open.

“That will do.” I motioned my girl over to take her coat.

Chloe eyed Brandi but didn’t ask for an introduction. Points for her.

As Chloe shrugged out of the jacket, I caught a glimpse of a brilliant blue bra. I amended my previous statement. “You look lovely.”

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