A Port in the Storm — Excerpt

I answered the phone at the front desk and a deep, sexy voice said, “I’m looking for Eliot Silverman.”

“Speaking,” I said. “How may I help you?”

“I heard that you’ll print anything I want on a business card and that I should ask for you.”

“Almost anything. What did you have in mind?”

It turned out he wanted a photograph of his cock—bold, but not very original. He thought it would leave an impression at the clubs he frequented. I offered suggestions for effective lighting and tasteful poses to make it more than just another boring cock shot. Most people do that sort of thing on home printers, badly. Fortunately for me, others appreciate the quality I offer. Competing with the numerous digital arts and services providers meant doing something different for our customers, and word was getting around about our “special” offerings.

Today, however, I would have preferred something that didn’t remind me of other people fucking. Michael and I had had next to no sex for over a week, due to his working late every night and being out of town on business the past weekend. Jamie, Michael’s part-time submissive and the third in our ongoing threesome, had also been unavailable. Michael and I had managed a quick blow job here and there, but that wasn’t going to help now even if I’d had the chance. I wanted Michael to walk in the door and bend me over the arm of our leather couch, taking time only to free his cock. I’d lube my ass before he arrived. I could jerk off as soon as I got home—or maybe before I left work—so I could go slowly, worshipping his body first, savoring all the tastes and smells I hadn’t been able to enjoy lately.

“A Port in the Storm” will appear in Best Gay Erotica 2014Pre-order at Amazon. Release date: December 10, 2013.


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