My Fiction


Details and excerpts follow this brief list.



Make Mine to Go (M/M) Justin and Toby. 17K short story/novelette.

Short stories in anthologies

“A Port in the Storm” (M/M) Part of a series about Michael, Eliot, and Jamie.

“Consequences” (M/F nonsexual, M/M) This story about Michael and Eliot introduces Sarah, who is introduced to Michael’s cane.

“Coming of Age” (F/F/F) This story is also about Sarah, appearing here as Chloe.

“Now You Know” This is part of the series about Michael, Eliot, and Jamie, and no longer available from the publisher. Check back here for news of its reincarnation.

~ ~ ~

Make Mine to Go is out as a stand-alone ebook from Breathless Press.   Details and excerpt here.  If you send me a note, I’m likely to send you a free copy.

Buy: Breathless Press   (all ebook formats available)


Rainbow Book Reviews

BDSM Book Reviews

Cameron D. James blog

There are also reviews on Amazon — USA and UK

Two brief excerpts will appear in a book by Alison Tyler called Never Say Never: Tips, Tricks, and Erotic Inspiration for Lovers, scheduled for release in April and available now for pre-order.

~ ~ ~

“Now You Know” appeared in the Ad-Dick-tion Vol 2 anthology from Breathless Press.  See my March 11 blog post for details.  The publisher has returned the rights to me; it is no longer in the legally available anthology. I’m working on a couple of options for bringing it back elsewhere. There is also a free version that is missing the extended punishment scene, but you’ll need to contact me for details.

 ~ ~ ~

“A Port in the Storm” appears in Best Gay Erotica 2014.  Jamie is swept up in the rages of Eliot’s libido. Fortunately, Michael knows what to do.

Excerpt here.

~ ~ ~

Consequences will appear in Blush, edited by Alison Tyler.  Michael, with Eliot’s help, deals with two sets of consequences. More details soon.

~ ~ ~

“Coming of Age” appears in Sinclair Sexsmith’s anthology Say Please: Lesbian BDSM Erotica, published by Cleis Press.

This story of a young woman’s first scene is based on my own experiences. Chloe discovers that reality doesn’t resemble her fantasy, especially when a there’s a third woman involved.

Take the Dirty Queer Sex Virtual Book Tour for reviews and commentary on this impressive book.  I posted on April 30 – see my blog page.

Read an excerpt   Buy on

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