Favorite Things

Instead of simply having a list of favorite links, I want to draw attention to what I consider the most outstanding books, web sites, and other information. I’m  not able to take the time now to write reviews or detailed descriptions. There is plenty of information available elsewhere.

First, see the links on the sidebars.


FUN WITH DICK AND SHANE – Memoirs Of A Houseboy…Gillibran Brown   http://www.gillibran-brown.com/  The web site includes his book excerpts and diary. Gillibran’s memoirs are the books I’ve re-read the most times and the only ones I purchased in both ebook and print form.

Flesh and the Word:  A series of anthologies of gay erotic writing, both fiction and non-fiction, written in the nineties.  John Preston edited three of the four books in this series.

Best Sex Writing.   The more recent annual editions were edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel, starting in 2008.  I haven’t read the earlier ones.  These amazing collections of essays and articles cover a wide variety of sex-related topics.

To be continued

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