Reviews and submissions

I had been holding off sharing book news until I had something more substantive to post, but it’s going to be a while. I’ve drafted something about realism in erotica that will be on hold until I finish a couple of anthology submissions.  One of my stories was rejected not accepted and I’m tweaking it for another anthology.  I’ve also been doing some promotion for Make Mine to Go.  I try not to use this word too much, but “awesome” seems best for a review I just received. Some of the feedback from romance reviewers has been disheartening – a little, at least.  I hadn’t intended to write romance, so failing to do so isn’t a big problem. As I’ve mentioned elsewhere, the book is more erotica than romance in my opinion, but it’s being sold as erotic romance and disappointing some romance fans. The most recent review makes up for that. It’s also my first 5-star review, thanks to Amazon rounding up (it’s 4.5.)  As you’ll see, the reviewer addresses the romance versus erotica matter. I originally sent the book in reply to a discussion about that topic and had expected only more private discussion, not a review, so I was especially delighted to see it. Links to my book on two review sites can be found here.

In other news: two excerpts from Make Mine to Go will appear in Alison Tyler’s forthcoming Never Say Never, a book about new ideas for sex. (Sorry, Alison, if that’s a lame description. I’m not sure how to describe it.) I’ll post release information and a proper blurb when I have something.


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