My first novelette!

My blog followers might have noticed I have a thing about firsts. You know, the losing virginity thing.  Earlier today, I signed a contract with Breathless Press to publish my first stand-alone work, a novelette or novella, depending on your definition and the finished length.  Either way, it’s between a short story and a novel in length and long enough to get one of BP’s beautiful covers.

As for content, all I’ll say now is that it’s M/M (with a bit of M/M/M) and BDSM-flavored.  It started out as my only vanilla story, but since the main characters are into BDSM, some of the sex ended up rather kinky. It’s about how a married male couple deals with including outside sex partners.


2 Responses to “My first novelette!”

  1. Sassy Says:

    Congratulation Dilo. 😉

  2. Shadow Sterling Says:

    Dilo, that was a great post and I want to say, I am sorry. If you have a moment of time I would greatly appreciate it if you took a look at a post on my blog that I linked below.

    I just wanted to say “Thank You” to you and to everyone for letting me be included in your Hop Against Homophobia. I am afraid I am not a talented m/m fiction writer like yourself but I am an avid reader of it.

    Actually when you are a straight girl who writes gay porn for an adult studio it is hard to fit in anywhere so I really appreciated how warmly I was welcomed into your group.

    But this is a cause I feel strongly about and I wanted to let you know I appreciate the opportunity to be included.

    Shadow Sterling

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