Pride Month – Thanks, Brenda

The late Brenda Howard is known as the “Mother of Pride” for her work in coordinating a rally [one month later] and then the “Christopher Street Liberation Day March” to commemorate the first anniversary of the Stonewall Rebellion. Howard also originated the idea for a week-long series of events around Pride Day which became the genesis of the annual LGBT Pride celebrations that are now held around the world every June. (This paragraph was excerpted from a Wikipedia entry.)

Soon after the passing of Brenda, which occurred on June 28, 2005, the anniversary of the Stonewall uprising, the Queens New York City Chapter of PFLAG created the Brenda Howard Award. It was the first time a major LGBT organization named an award after an “out” bisexual member of the community. According to their web site: The award recognizes an individual or organization that best exemplifies the vision, principals and community service exemplified by the late LGBT rights activist Brenda Howard and who serves as a positive and visible role model for the Bisexual Community.

In another of her many roles, Brenda was the co-chair of the leather contingent for the 1987 March on Washington. If I remember correctly, it was largely her idea to have the contingent.

Brenda and I were very close for a few years. I never stopped marveling at the energy she devoted to LGBT rights, the leather community, and other causes. You can learn more about this remarkable woman by reading various posts on the web. Just enter her name in a search engine.


One Response to “Pride Month – Thanks, Brenda”

  1. Larry Equality Nelson Says:

    Dilo Keith,

    Thank you for remembering my Brenda. Yes she was a very special person.

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