My first ebook!

I’m delighted to announce that fiction I wrote now resides with talented authors in the Free Gay Ebooks section of the GLBT Bookshelf.  The total ebook package is the result of the efforts of Mel Keegan, gifted author and driving force behind the Bookshelf, Jade, the skilled artist who created the cover, and my friends who gave advice and support for my writing. Thank you, everyone!

The story contains light BDSM and sex between three men. When you visit this link, scroll down to “The Name Game”. In addition to the free books, the GLBT Bookshelf has a special sales and packages offering books at substantial discounts.

Added July 23, 2011:

At almost a year after writing the story, I can see its flaws, but it’s still a fun read, I think. With the help of talented and generous folks, my writing has improved.

August 19, 2011:

Armed with suggestions and a year of practice, I decided to edit the piece. In the next week or two, I’ll post a link to the revision.


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